No matter if you already have graphic design and text or if you are still at the beginning: I will support you with your WordPress project and accompany you until launch or relaunch.

How much does a website or online shop cost?

Unfortunately, this is not something that can be answered easily. It depends on how many sub-pages are created, whether own inputs are made, which features are taken on board and much more. Every website is completely individual.

And it is exactly because of these considerations that I deliberately avoid fixed prices. I prepare an offer on the basis of the preliminary discussion with you. The invoice is based on the actual work performed.

How are things going with the collaboration?

In an initial meeting, we discuss the communication channels, the contact persons and, above all, the time schedule. During the project, I find regular status calls essential for a positive conclusion.

The following graphic shows an example of a very common process. From the first contact to the launch, the project becomes increasingly clearer and more precise, starting from the first rough ideas.


At the beginning it is important to identify goals and the target audience, to define the most important aspects and milestones, to clarify responsibilities and to set a timetable.


The infrastructure as the basis for our project includes hosting, SSL encryption, the installation of the WordPress instance. But also the setup of the domain and the email addresses are covered by this point.

Graphics & Text

The website should fit you and your company, but also convey values that are important to you. Graphics and text support this.


Once the individual components have been defined, it’s time for realisation. I create the website step by step so that you can give feedback in time.


Even though speed and SEO are always in the back of one’ mind when creating a website, there are still a few tasks for fine-tuning at the end.

How much time does one have to reckon with?

Experience shows that you should expect at least 6-8 weeks. If there is a lot of coordination required, for example for online shops, it can also take longer.

Lasting partnerships are valuable

The launch has been successful and your website has been up and running for some time now. Changes such as redesign of the brand or an expansion of the shop offer are on the agenda. Of course, I’m happy to support you here too and won’t leave you on your own.

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Feel free to call or write me, no matter if you still have a lot of questions or already know exactly what you want. I am looking forward to it!